Scott Dorsch is a writer based in Muskegon, MI where he works as a coffee roaster. His work has appeared in The Midwestern Gothic, Dunes Review, Everything Change Vol. III, and translated in Nowa Fantastyka. He served as the fiction editor of Fugue Literary Journal while completing an MFA Creative Writing at the University of Idaho. Beyond writing, Scott is a gardener and certified wildlife tracker with a rock-climbing obsession. He is currently at work on his first novel and short story collection. Follow his work or get in touch at scottdorsch.com.


Emily Grabinski is a highly sought-after recitalist, chamber musician, and orchestral keyboardist. She trained at the Cleveland Institute of Music where she received her Master of Music in Collaborative Piano and has since performed everywhere from Carnegie Hall to your neighborhood bar. She shares music with you today in hopes that, for a moment, your imagination may take you on a journey yet unkown. For more information, please visit www.emilygrabinski.com


Naomi White has been writing in fits and starts since she could string words together to make sentences. When she’s not writing, she’s raising chickens, creating block prints, massaging her beloved client-friends or napping. She has published Illuminated Journey, a creative mindfulness travel journal that just appeared in her brain one day. www.naomiwhite.net


Dave Crandall and Nick Kroes (pronounced Cruise) have played acoustic music together for over 50 years, having first met at Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids in the late 1960s.

Dave and Nick each play several instruments, including banjo, guitar, mandolin, baritone guitar, and harmonica. One of them sings; the other makes no apologies for trying.

The Crandall & Kroes repertoire is wide-ranging, ranging from old string-band tunes, early 20th-century country blues, swing-era favorites, and marginally popular songs from their youth.

In addition to music, Dave is a Japanese translator and travels extensively with Theatre Nohgaku, of which he is a founding member. Nick volunteers at Muskegon’s Hume Home and serves on the board of Nelson Neighborhood.